General Camp Registration Form
2022 Summer Camps




























Special Note: Private team camps are available at your facility or at TWC. Please call (404) 427-5754 for more info.

Additional Information

Each Camp is from 9am - 5pm daily
Kids are encouraged to register with a partner that is weight and skill compatible.


Lunch: Students should bring a lunch or $10 per day for lunch/snacks.


Daily Requirements:  (For Commuters) Fitting T-shirts, extra shorts, socks and shoes, towel and toiletries.  (Overnight Campers) Twin size air mattress, bed linens and pillow, blanket, towels and toiletries, daily workout gear and change of clothes, running shoes and socks, athletic tape and small personal fan, books or entertainment games. Housing accommodations can be arranged if needed.


Daily schedule can be changed depending on the needs of the group.