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Arturo Holmes

Arturo has been training wrestlers for over two decades. TWC is the second oldest wrestling school in the country. Some of his former students are ow also training wrestlers. If you are serious about being the best wrestler you can be you should train with the original at TWC.

TWC History


Wrestling training in Georgia, began a new era on April 1st, 1992. This is the date A.E. Holmes Academy of Wrestling began operation. It opened as the first full-time, year-round training facility in the State. A. E. Holmes opened with modest aspirations, but soon became the sports driving force in the State. The philosophy is simple ‘Be the best offensive takedown wrestler, perfect a minimal effort escape and you will find losing an impossibility.’ A. E. Holmes Academy of Wrestling, located on Boulevard, at the northern edge of Cabbage Town, in downtown Atlanta was originally a 20 x 50 foot space. The Head Trainer / Owner Arturo E. Holmes, conducted two classes, five days a week. Classes were not separated by experience level or weight. Each class had three distinct areas of training; technique, live wrestling, and conditioning. The training regimen was typical, except for the technical aspect which focused primarily on takedowns, specifically leg attacks. A. E. Holmes Academy of Wrestling’s first year attracted a variety of wrestlers of varying ability throughout the Southeastern States. Among the wrestling luminaries were many nationally ranked wrestlers, numerous State Champions, and State Placers. Two of the most notable were Sean Hage and Brent Shiver. Sean was six times a Jr. National Champion, a Jr. World Champion and a Cadet World Silver Medalist. Brent was the first Deaf Division One NCAA tournament participant. A. E. Holmes Academy of Wrestling’s worked in conjunction with Team Georgia throughout the 1990’s helping produce tens of Cadet and Junior National All-Americans, hundreds of High School State Champions and High School State Placers At the end of the wrestling season in 2000, A. E. Holmes Academy of Wrestling closed and re-opened in a new location as The Wrestling Center in Smyrna, GA. Prior to this, the students were primarily High School age. After the re-opening the students were composed of mostly middle and elementary school age. This proved to be the life blood necessary to develop and maintain future State Champions, All-Americans and National Champions for both kids and High School age wrestlers. The Wrestling Center continues to be the per-eminent training facility in Georgia.

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